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The Great Gatsby

I am fairly fickle when it comes to books-that-are-made-into-movies. Generally speaking, I dislike them. I prefer the pictures and characters I create in my head to the ones orchestrated on the silver screen. However, as with any rule there are exceptions. I blogged about this very thing ad nauseam here.

The other night I went to see Ryan Gosling’s new movie (his presence being the sole reason I went) Gangster Squad and among the previews was Baz Luhrmann’s new movie the Great Gastby. This movie, starring the affable Leonard DiCaprio, was originally supposed to be an Xmas 2012 release in time for the Oscars but was delayed due to unexplained reasons and is now expected out in May of this year.

It’s a long time to wait but I must admit I am already excited! F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel set during the roaring twenties directed by the same man who directed two of my favorite movies starring an on-again-off-again heart throb  like Leo (when I see pictures of Leo in magazines in between films looking scruffy and rather portly I tend to fall out of love with him but this is all erased the minute he’s back on the big screen…) set to music by Jay-z and Kanye… could it get any better?? I ask you!

The release is still months away but the teaser below should help with the wait. Enjoy!

I swear this is not a movie review

Last night I went to see the new Clint Eastwood movie Trouble With the Curve. This is the second movie in a row that I have chosen for my husband and I to go see that has completely disappointed us. I assumed that because Clint Eastwood was in it, it would be decent at the very least. Similarly, I assumed that Hope Springs would be good because Meryl Streep was in it. Both times I was wrong. I can admit it.

For most of the movie last night all I could think was I wish I could just leave. When a predictably corny part of the movie was coming up (there were more of these than I could count) I started to get physically uncomfortable for the embarassment the actors were about to go through. If it had been a terrible book I was reading, I could have helped them. Which made me start thinking about all the reasons I would have rather been curled up with a book instead of being punished in a movie theatre.

Top 10 Reasons a Book is Better Than a Movie:

  1. A book goes at whatever pace you want – you can zoom through the scary or boring parts or hover over any that resonate with you. Last night’s movie would have been over in 35 minutes instead of 2 hours.
  2. Corny parts in a book are nowhere near as bad as they are in a movie because you can layer them with all sorts of offsetting images or change the tone of the actor. In a movie, I have no way of helping Amy Adams through a slightly off-key version of “You Are My Sunshine”…
  3. Foreshadowing is a classic literary technique. I believe it is much easier to use this subtly in a book then in a movie. For example, when the “Peanut Boy” tosses a bag of peanuts at mach 4 to a baseball player in Trouble With the Curve, it is as though the director thinks the audience might not understand that this is foreshadowing the “Peanut Boy’s” eventual baseball success. To clarify, he lingers on the bruised-ego look on the catcher’s face and even has him declare: “ouch”.
  4. Clint Eastwood still looks like he did in Dirty Harry in a book.
  5. The book version of Amy Adams wouldn’t have hunkered down like a man who had just ridden a horse to catch “Peanut Boy’s” fast ball. My mind would have accommodated the error on the writers part (I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure a girl who hasn’t had a lengthy baseball career would not be able to simply slip on a catcher’s mitt and catch a fastball from someone who’s about to go to the big leagues) and made the whole experience a little more believable. She would have appeared somewhat awkward and maybe even fumbled the ball. My tiny IQ still would have been able to understand that “Peanut boy” can throw with the big boys.
  6. Blackberry’s don’t make any noises in books
  7. If I feel as though a book is insulting my intelligence (50 Shades of Grey?) I can put it down. I was not allowed to leave the movie theatre last night.
  8. A book is cheaper than taking two people to the movies
  9. In a book, every character can look like Justin Timberlake if you want.
  10. In a book, Justin Timberlake always has his shirt off.

On the nightstand: Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me

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